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I am working on updating this site, which has not much happen to it since about 2015.

Since the 70th Aniversary banquet in April 2018, I have been going through my archives, all the stuff I accidently and on purpose saved.

The short version is that WRSU is terrible at saving it own history.The station it self has no records of it Managers over the years.Very few recordings were saved, and the few that were recorded were often tossed due to lack of interest.
And we have almost no pictures from any time. I know, who carried a camera in the 50s to the 2000s. Not many.

Short version, I am looking for ANY WRSU history from the beginning to now. Pictures. Sound recording. Old paper work.Information (who was the manager during ???). Things like that.I am slowly working on collecting stuff, and trying to create a logical method to post it all. To the below is a sample of some of the images collected.
If you have anything you want to send me, please contact me at
Thanks inadvance
Dan Schleck '78 '90 Member: 1974-2017:CE 1978-2017